COVID-19 Policy

In response to the current unprecedented situation regarding Covid-19, here at RB Prestige we are endeavouring to do everything we can to ensure a safe and clean environment for employees, customers and other visitors to our showroom.

  • We are displaying the government's online notice "Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020", illustrating that we are following the government's guidance.
  • Where possible CLEAR communication is being given to our customers and staff (both digitally and within the showroom) on how exactly we are maintaining a safe and clean environment.
  • Multiple signs have been installed throughout the showroom stating the following:
    • We ask that only 1 customer/household with a maximum of 2 people come into the showroom at any one time and maintain a 2 meter distance once inside.
    • We kindly ask that people use the sanitiser clearly located at the front of the showroom before entering
    • We also display a general notice on how to be alert and safe during this situation
  • We ask that those inside the showroom do not enter the office area and they shall be met in the showroom only.
  • All of our staff have been briefed ahead of re-opening on new procedures.
  • We kindly ask that where possible, our clients try to call ahead and make an appointment.
  • No accompanied test drives will be given.
  • Unfortunately, where we would normally offer refreshments in order to make your experience as comfortable as possible, we are no longer able to do this so please do bring your own water etc when needed.
  • Magazines/brochures have also been removed.
  • Regular sanitisation of all facilities/surfaces will take place.
  • In the toilet, we provide liquid soap and disposable paper towels.
  • We also provide disposable pens which we ask each customer to throw away after using.
  • All keys will be regularly disinfected.
  • Showroom and outside cars will remain locked.
  • The front and back door will remain open to ensure a maximised amount of ventilation through the showroom at all times.
  • Where possible we are providing video walk-arounds for all vehicles and can arrange 'virtual test drives' .
  • We are currently taking electronic payments ONLY.
  • We will continue to use digital systems such as those provided by the DVLA to register new owners of vehicles.

Click & Collect or Home Delivery Services:

On the occasion whereby the RB Showroom has been ordered to close by the government during a national lockdown, Click & Collect and Home Delivery policies will be implemented, in order to continue car-purchasing but in a covid-safe way.

Subsequently, both Click & Collect and Home Delivery are types of Distance Selling, involving a contract agreed only by means of distance communication such as online, email, phone etc.

Example of a Click & Collect purchase would be:

  1. The Client contacts one of the RB Team by email, phone, or online to enquire about a specific vehicle they have seen.
  2. One of the RB Team will take a payment, partial or full from the client, for the vehicle and will subsequently send them an order form (contract) to sign. This will then be approved and completed by the client and returned digitally to RB Prestige.
  3. The buyer of the vehicle can collect the sanitised vehicle from the dealership and drive away. Please note, according to the regulations, buyers are allowed to travel to collect a pre-purchased vehicle in the UK.

The only difference with a Home Delivery is that the RB Team can safely arrange for the vehicle to be delivered to the client's address once all paperwork has been dealt with digitally.

**In both cases where vehicles are purchased via methods of distance-selling, the client has a right to cancel from when the contract is agreed until 14 days after the day that they either collected the vehicle or it was delivered to them. i.e. when they take ownership of the vehicle. **

There is a cancellation policy in place specifically for distance-selling which will be available to every client.

Please note, the RB Team have done everything possible in order to give car-buyer's the confidence to purchase vehicles without physically attending the RB Showroom.

  • We offer both Click & Collect and Home Delivery
  • We have increased the amount of photos we have available on digital platforms, such as Autotrader, including smaller details and imperfections that can easily be overlooked. We are, after all, built on trust.
  • We offer virtual test drives or walk-arounds
  • We ask our new RB Clients who have purchased using these methods to communicate how the process felt to our ever-growing community on our social media platforms.
  • We emphasise again and again that just because our showroom is closed, all lines of communication will remain open and the team will always answer any queries our clients may have!

If you have any questions in relation to our Click & Collect or Home Delivery services, then please either call 01202 878188 or contact rob via, [email protected]