Our main finance provider is Santander Consumer UK and on each of our car pages you can get an instant finance quote. We also have access to other finance lenders including DSG, Close Brothers and many more.

With so many products out there including HP, PCP, Contract Hire, Personal Contract Hire, Leasing to name but a few, we can see how it can be easier to just go online or speak to your bank.

Well, let us explain the car finding options available and suitable to your circumstances, freeing up other loans to pay for holidays, home improvement or any future opportunity/emergency that might arise.

With 22 years experience, Rob will honestly advise on your best course of action and do everything possible to make it fit your budget. It is what he does so very well! And he will always have one eye on the future, because you will be wanting to change your car again one day, so that needs to be protected and easy too.

It costs nothing to put your trust in RB Prestige for a short chat and quote on whatever car you are looking to buy. We have prevented some really poor advise, some from the “most trusted” sources, ruining car buyers’ experiences for years. Let’s at least make sure that you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Call today and Rob will speak to you personally.

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