Vehicle Sourcing

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  • If you are looking for something specific and you are having difficulty finding what you want, give us a call.

    If your vehicle cannot be found in our Poole showroom, Rob’s contacts allow us to source all types of vehicles nationally, and even internationally. The RB Team go to the ends of the country to personally inspect, collect and deliver any vehicle. We don’t use drivers or delivery firms – we do it all ourselves to ensure that you are getting exactly what was promised. With just a few clicks on our unique online ‘Source My Vehicle’ tool we can get the wheels turning on your exciting journey!

    Over time, we have built up extensive connections in the motor trade which leave us well placed to source those hard to find cars or save you endlessly searching for a suitable car.

    Why should you use our services?

    We will make the same promise to you as we do to all of our customers...

    • Value for Money - This never changes for our customers!

    • 6 Month Warranty -If the unexpected were to happen, just give us a call and we will make a plan to sort it. There is no need for you to ring call centres and deal with all the paperwork.

    • All Vehicles HPI Clear - With our cars you have a cast-iron guarantee that there is no outstanding finance or other nasty surprises. 

    • Long MOT - All vehicles come with a long MOT certificate for maximum reassurance

    • All Vehicles are checked - All vehicles are thoroughly inspected and prepared.

    If you would like assistance, get in touch with us using the form below or give us a call. 

    Either tell us exactly what you are looking for or give us your list of criteria and we will go to work.